Girl, Put Your Records On, Tell Me Your Favorite Song ft. Target Style

Dear Music,

Thanks for always clearing my head, healing my heart, and lifting my spirits.

Who doesn’t love music? I recently took a trip to Good Records in Dallas, Texas and I was so excited to see all the records in the bins. I grew up during the era of CD’s and walk mans. The worst thing that could happen to a 13 year old kid growing up was one of their favorite CD’s got scratched. That felt like the end of the world to any music lover. I also grew up during the era when burning CD’s and creating your own mixtapes were cool. I can’t tell you how many cases of CD’s I’ve bought growing up. Then came the iPod, and of course I had to get my hands on one of those. In 2018 CD’s aren’t as popular as they were before and everyone streams music online.

Outfit Details

Today’s Outfit Is Brought To You By #TARGETSTYLE
Hair | AdoreHer Virgin Hair
Shirt | Target – Woman’s Striped Tie- Front
Pants | Target – Women’s Floral Print Printed Palazoo Pants
Shoes |Target – Women’s Rebe Blackless Loader Mules

Even though the devices that we listen to music on has changed through out time one thing remains the same……. the music. A classic will always be a classic. Technology has advanced since my days of burning CD’s now you can stream music on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, YouTube, etc. This has made listening to your favorite songs easier than ever. One thing I love about people is that they will never let us forget or miss out on the good old days. Record stores have always kept the pieces of history for us old school gyals who loves a good record on a record player or jamming to a CD in the car.

Being at this record store reminded me of my childhood and how much I loved listening to music. Here is a few of some of my favorite oldies.

Put Your Records On x Corinne Bailey Rae

  1. Into You x (feat. Ashanti) Fabolous
  2. Barbie Girl x Rob Mayth
  3. Always On My Time x ( feat. Ashanti) Ja Rule
  4. What’s Luv x (feat. Ja Rule) Fat Joe
  5. Umbrella (feat. JAY Z) Rihanna
  6. Vogue x Madonna
  7. Wannabe x Spice Girls
  8. Suga Suga (feat. Frankie J) Baby Bash
  9. Dear Mama x 2 Pac
  10. But Beautiful x Billie Holiday
  11. Baby One More Time x Britney Spears
  12. I Want It That Way x Backstreet Boys
  13. Say My Name x Destiny’s Child
  14. Through the Wire x Kanye West
  15. End of the Road x Boyz II Men
  16. All I Do x B5
  17. Waterfalls x TLC
  18. Outta My System x (feat. Johnta Austin & T-Pain) Bow Wow
  19. Weak x SWV
  20. I Will Always Love You x Whitney Houston

Currently jamming to “But Beautiful x Billie Holiday” in my head.

What are some of your favorite old school songs? Please let me know. Also if you’re in Dallas, Texas please stop by Good Records I promise you won’t regret it.




Jersey Dress & Cute Coffee Shop

Two of my favorite places in the world are thrift stores and cute coffee shops. Thrifting is one of my favorite hobbies. I absolutely love to thrift and I began thrifting in 2011. When I started thrifting, I would only pick out graphic tees and sweaters. I absolutely love crew necks and jackets. As the years went by I started stepping out of my comfort zone and buying different pieces for my wardrobe. I love trhifting because I hate paying full price for clothes. Growing up, I loved getting my older cousins hand-me-downs because I loved her clothes. While most people look down on shopping for secondhand clothes, I am always proud to say that I got this amazing piece from a thrift store. Shopping secondhand was the answer. I can afford to buy clothes at full price, but I love thrifting because I save so much money.

I currently shop at Thrift Plaza in McKinney, Texas. This thrift store is one of my favorite thrift stores ever! The only downside about this thrift store is that they don’t have any fitting rooms but this makes the clothes even more affordable.

A few weekends ago, my blogger babes and I went to a super cute coffee shop in Plano, Texas called Wow Donuts And Drips ( Instagram: @wowdonutsanddrips). We decided to have a donut, chill out, and take some photos.

Thrift Plaza is where I picked up this super cute Texas Rangers Men’s Jersey. Since I am so short, I can wear it as a dress. I decided to style this men’s jersey shirt with some tights from target and my throwback converse sneakers from high school. I never throw away shoes unless they are broken.


Outfit Details
Hair | GoddessHairToday
Shirt | Thrift Plaza
Tights | Target
Shoes | Converse



Wow Donuts and Drips is located at 6509 W Park Blvd, Plano TX 75093. For all you late night donut cravers Wow Donuts and Drips is open 24 hours on Saturdays. On Sunday they are open until 9pm. Their business hours Monday-Friday is from 5am to midnight.

I purchased the strawberry shortcake donut and it was absolutely delicious. There donuts and coffee are all made fresh to order. I absolutely love this place and can’t wait to go back.