Dear 2016


Oh what a year. I’ve spent the last year finishing up graduate school in London and traveling the world. 2016 was the year that I discovered that I wanted more in life than just a boring relationship where we sit at home on Saturday nights and watch Netflix. I experienced new things and met a lot of really amazing people that I miss. I entered a few situation-ships that ended and some that did not even make it past 2 days. I got my feelings hurt a few times and cried just a little bit. Every year I learn something new. In 2016 I learned that I can’t be with someone who doesn’t love me more than I love them. I can’t be with someone who won’t fight for me. I also learned that love should not come with excuses.

I also learned a lot about myself. I learned that I love way to hard and I let people get the best of my emotions. I also learned that I hate traveling but I love going to new places. When I say I hate traveling I hate the part of getting to a new place. Packing, going to the airport, going through TSA, boarding the plane, waiting for your luggage, etc. Yeah that annoying stuff but I love seeing and exploring new places.

Last New Year’s Eve I spent it working at a restaurant called Ball’s Brothers in London. I was a bit upset that I didn’t get the chance to go out and experience New Year’s Eve in London but I did end up traveling to The Netherlands. From there later that year in April I got on a place and flew to Milan, Italy and then to Cape Town South Africa. That May I was finally finished with school and I decided to travel to accompany my cousin to Rome, Italy and from there we traveled to Florence and Pisa, Italy.

That summer I did more traveling than I did my entire life. I was off again July 22 to Berlin, Germany where I lived for about 2 months and finished my masters dissertations. During that time  I also traveled to Paris, France. Oh my gosh that place is so beautiful. From there I finally got to see the beautiful town of Tuscany-Florence, Italy. I had such an amazing trip. Great food and great wine – a girl can’t complain.

In October we packed our bags and we headed back to Cape Town, South Africa where we spent the next 2 and a half months at the very tip of Africa. It was such an amazing experience. Even though my phone was stolen I still enjoyed every moment of being in such a beautiful place. Unfortunately , my adventure had to end I finally flew back to the United States and landed in the Virgin Islands visiting family and friends. It feels great to be back home. Oh 2016 I racked up a lot of miles on many different airlines and I met a lot of really amazing people. I can honestly say that I have nothing to complain about.

I learned a lot this year and I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in stored for me. I will be flying back to Texas on January 12th and I have no idea what to expect. I have to get back to reality but my traveling days aren’t over. You’ll see me at an airport very soon.


Where The Heck Have I Been?



I am finally back. After months of neglecting my blog I finally decided to come back to the one thing that I enjoy doing the most which is writing. Even though I am not the best writer you know what they say. Practice makes perfect right? Well here I am again updating you guys on where I have been.

Well let me start of by saying I am so sorry that I have been gone for some time now. I know no one really missed me but hey let’s pretend like someone actually did. So graduate school is finally over. After moving to London and attending City University of London I am now finished with school. I recently turned in my masters thesis in September and found out my results late October and I passed. Yes I passed grad school.

This calls for a celebration so pop open the champaign and lets start twerking. I hope that made you laugh. Well graduation in January and I don’t think I will be attending. I think I will just have them mail my mom my diploma. I told myself that if I’ve been to on graduation I’ve been to them all. Also I don’t see the need to spend the extra money to go to London and do something I did a year ago.

So with that being said I no longer live in London. I moved from London on July 22 and I moved to Berlin, Germany. I spend the summer there and I can actually say that I enjoyed living in Germany. I know what is a girl like be doing there haha well thats another blog post for another day.

So lets fast forward to present times. Right now I am currently in Cape Town, South Africa. If you don’t follow my YouTube Channel you wouldn’t know that I was in Cape Town last April and I loved it so much that I decided to move here for 2 months.

I have been here for about a month and have a month left and I can honestly tell you that i don’t want to leave. Cape Town is just a stop in my next chapter. Thats my update on where I have been and what I have been doing. I promise I will keep you guys updated on everything from now on. I plan on posting more and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

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