Pat Your Weave Baby Pat Your Weave

The best investment that I have made. Last year I decided to buy some weave.  I found some weave on sale from this vendor call exotic inches. They were having a back to school sale. 40% off each bundle and each package. I bought a package it contained 3 bundles which had 3 different lengths. I bought 26 and (2) 24s.  I’ve never dyed my extensions and I only applied heat to it once. I’ve made a wig and also have done a sew in. This hair doesn’t really shed. The curl pattern has been the same since I first got it. I can make it super curly or give it a big deep wave. I’ve had this hair for over a year and I wish I could buy more. Unfortunately, the company in which I bought the hair from is no longer available . They went out of business with warning. I would recommend this texture to anyone. I just recently ordered a closure form another vendor I will be posting a review later. Until next time. (:



Author: Karly Shenell

Hello my name is Karly and I am 25 years old. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of St.Thomas but I currently live in Dallas, Texas.

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