23 & 15 Guys | The Average Woman

They say that the average woman will have at least 15 kisses, two long-term relationships and suffer heartbreak twice before she finally finds the man of her dreams, according to a recent study.

Well I can tell you that I’ve kissed over 15 guys and I’m 23. I’ve only had one long-term relationship and I have only suffered from a broken heart once. I guess I have more living and loving to do. I don’t really want to go into detail and I won’t state names but I dated a guy for a year and a half and we had a beautiful relationship. He was my first ever serious boyfriend…well he was my first boyfriend period. We met at my high school prom in April 2010 and didn’t start dating until May 2012. He was the first guy I ever fell in love with. Our relationship  was magical I felt like a princess the entire time we were together until towards the end when I knew things weren’t all cupcakes and unicorns. Don’t get me wrong he wasn’t a bad boyfriend. He was great….but our breakup was tragic. I guess I wasn’t ready to let go and he was. I never imaged us not being together. Well my fairytale didn’t have a happy ending. We broke up in  December of 2013 so here I am a year and a half later. We were both at different places in our lives. I felt like we needed to be together but he felt that we needed to be apart. We both had a lot of growing up to do. We now both live different lives and date different people and recently graduated form different colleges. I think the reason I couldn’t let go was for the simple fact that we felt like a family. He had a son the most precious little human in the entire world. I guess I didn’t just fall in love with my ex boyfriend but I fell in love with his son and his family. Oh yeah….. his parents loved me and I loved him. I could always count on them if I needed anything . I don’t think I’ve ever met a set of loving people like them besides my own family. I always felt like I was a part of the family. The thing is that no one ever tells you that when you break up with someone you aren’t only breaking up with the person but also everyone who you’ve ever been introduced to and had a bond with. It was a hard break up on me because it was my first heartbreak. You know what they say the first cut is the deepest… baby I know. You have to go through all four seasons in order to get over someone. I never thought I would get over my ex boyfriend  but you never really get over your first love but you will love again and all that love with repair that broken heart of yours. I no longer have a broken heart and I have gotten over my ex boyfriend. Everything happens for a reason and life goes on. I’ve yet to find the man of my dreams but I’m not really looking. God has everything under control.So until next time. (:


Author: Karly Shenell

Hello my name is Karly and I am 25 years old. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of St.Thomas but I currently live in Dallas, Texas.

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